Sultanpur Institute of Nursing & Paramedical Sciences (SINPS)

About Suman Hospital

Suman Hospital -

Suman Hospital was established in 1998 with the motive of welfare of human beings in rural community. Suman Hospital is committed to provide the best treatments with low cost & high facilities in rural area for the people who are secluded from the need of their healthy life as it is said HEALTH is WEALTH. It is an institute which promotes a community that is totally shielded from Caste, Creed and Religion. Suman Hospital is governed by Dr. A. K. Singh and managed by Mrs. Suman Singh.

The state-of- the-art infrastructure of the hospital building with strategically designed health care facilities lends a professionally confident quality to our care. A team of diligent, dedicated & highly qualified medical professionals along with efficient and warm nursing and paramedical staff are the crowning glory of the hospital. Suman Hospital & Laproscopic Research Centre offers cutting edge diagnostic and surgical solutions and is fully geared-in terms of talent, technology, structure and spirit – to reshape perceptions regarding hospitals and redefine the concept of caring.

We at the Suman Hospital are committed to the patient as well as the community at large, by delivering the best possible care every time while dedicating ourselves to continuously improving the way we do things driven by evolving data, benchmarks and best practices. Our success as an institution depends on the quality of care provided to each and every patient. Our expert team of doctors, nurses, therapists and staff is committed to providing safe, quality and cost-effective care to all, maximizing potential and exceeding expectations.


To create an environment of efficiency in health care delivery through high quality resources like state of the art modern technology, high skilled medical practitioner and professionally and courteous and compassionate nursing and support staff.

To provide world class affordable treatment with a dedicated focus on personnel care.

We consider it our responsibility to respect and fulfill the expectations of our patients, patrons, clients, physicians and staff.